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Africanized honey bees in the central Arizona and Phoenix area are a great deal more aggressive than your average European Honey Bees and can become very dangerous if not properly dealt with. Africanized honey bees are still beneficial to the environment no matter how aggressive towards intruders they are. In some cases, the bees can be captured, relocated and re-queened to produce a much less aggressive honey bee. It's hard to decipher if feral bee swarms are going to be aggressive or not and this becomes a problem for beekeepers. honeybee

Due to tight quarter housing and highly populated areas, capturing and relocating an established Africanized bee colony within the city just can't be done due to safety concerns. This means the bees have to be treated in a way so that you or none of your neighbors or pets get attacked by the bees during the treatment. Phoenix Bee Removal has the capabilities and skills needed to deal with Africanized Bees without anyone getting hurt.   

Don't fall for the scare tactics and think an Africanized bee colony that has just arrived is looking to hurt someone. There is no way to tell if a migrating swarm is Africanized or not until the become established. Same rules apply with any bee encounter in Arizona. Stay clear of the bees and give us a call to get some professional advice. If you have a hive on your property and are not sure how long they have been there. This is where it becomes much more dangerous and can lead to an unprovoked attack. They were there before you noticed them and didn't hurt anyone so there is no need to panic just stay away and give us a call.

If you have an active bee hive and are not sure how long they have been around this is where it can become a lot more dangerous. They were there before you noticed them and didn't hurt anyone so there is no need to panic just stay calm and clear and give us a call. Let other know the bees are there and not to go near them. Bees improperly treated with stuff bought at their local hardware store has lead to dozens of injuries and sometimes even death every year in Phoenix. honeybee

Please call a professional for advice when dealing with any feral honey bee swarms or established hives. Trying to treat bees yourself or sealing them in with a can of foam is dangerous and can lead to injuries and an even bigger problem.

Bees on a viga log moving in
Bees on a viga log moving in


  • Stay away from the bees!! Keep kids, pets, landscaper's, maintenance men and anyone else away from the bees.
  • Certain smells or sounds can send the bees into a defensive mode and Africanized bees will attack in large numbers.
  • Most pest control companies are not properly trained on how to deal with Africanized bees and may attempt to control bees using improper techniques. This can drive bees deeper into your home and just have them start back up in a couple weeks.
Bee Removal
New arrivals, swarms, established hives, and more!!

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Honeycomb cut-out and repair. We do it all from start to finish no 3rd parties or subbing out work.

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Have a swarm on a tree? Leave them alone and they will fly away.

Africanized Bees
Africanized bee removal can be extremely dangerous and should be handled by professionals.

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