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Phoenix Bee Removal - Professional Africanized Honey Bee Removal Service

We offer professional flat removal of Africanized honey bees. When dealing with Africanized bees, safety is always a major concern. Africanized honey bees and European honey bees are almost impossible to tell apart until they have established a hive. Never try and treat bees yourself as it could have devastating consequences to not only you but your neighbors, family, and pets. 

Africanized Bee Removal & Control

Africanized honey bees in the central Arizona and Phoenix area are a great deal more aggressive than your average European Honey Bees and can become very dangerous if not properly dealt with. Africanized honey bees are still beneficial to the environment no matter how aggressive towards intruders they are. In some cases, the bees can be captured, relocated and re-queened to produce a much less aggressive honey bee. It's hard to decipher if feral bee swarms are going to be aggressive or not and this becomes a problem for beekeepers. honeybee

Not All Bees Can Be Saved Due To Safety

Due to tight quarter housing and highly populated areas, capturing and relocating an established Africanized bee colony within the city just can't be done due to safety concerns. This means the bees have to be treated in a way so that you or any of your neighbors or pets get attacked by the bees or injured running away during the treatment. Phoenix Bee Removal has the capabilities and skills needed to provide a safe and effective treatment to deal with Africanized Bees without anyone being injured or stung. We cannot emphasize enough on how dangerous treating an established Africanized bee hive is. Africanized honey bees will defend their home and the sheer number of bees they send out to do so can be in the thousands.

Africanized Bee Swarms Are Just As Timid As European Bee Swarms

Don't fall for the scare tactics and think an Africanized bee colony that has just arrived is looking to hurt someone. There is no way to tell if a migrating swarm is Africanized or not until they become established. Same rules apply with almost all bee encounters in Arizona. Stay clear of the bees and give us a call to get some professional advice on what steps should be taken to keep you safe. 

Don't Risk Becoming Another Victim To A Bee Attack

If you have a hive on your property and are not sure how long they have been there. This is where it becomes much more dangerous and can lead to an unprovoked attack on an unsuspecting victim. If the bees were there before you noticed them and didn't hurt anyone there is no need to panic just stay away and give us a call and we can give advice on what steps you should take to have the hive removed or the bees treated.

 Bees improperly treated with stuff bought at their local hardware store or diy pest control store can and has lead to dozens of injuries and sometimes even death every year in Phoenix and around Arizona. Never try to treat an active hive with over the counter products and also never try and seal the bees in with foam. Both of these just lead to a lot of wasted money and a huge mess. Bees that are blocked into a void of a wall or attic space with no outside exit can end up inside the house. Thousands of bees can end up inside of your home if you trap bees in. We see it dozens of times a year over and over.   honeybee

Give Us A Call

Please call a professional for advice when dealing with any feral honey bee swarms or established hives. Trying to treat bees yourself or sealing them in with a can of foam is dangerous and can lead to injuries and an even bigger problem.

Bees on a viga log moving in
Bees on a viga log moving in


  • Stay away from the bees!! Keep kids, pets, landscaper's, maintenance men and anyone else away from the bees.
  • Certain smells or sounds can send the bees into a defensive mode and Africanized bees will attack in large numbers.
  • Most pest control companies are not properly trained on how to deal with Africanized bees and may attempt to control bees using improper techniques. This can drive bees deeper into your home and just have them start back up in a couple weeks.

Bee Swarm Removal Arizona

Bee swarm removal service

Phoenix Bee Removal provides flat rate guaranteed bee removal and swarm relocation services for Central Arizona

Professional Honey Bee Swarm Removal and Relocation

We offer flat rate pricing for bee swarm removal and relocation

Bee Removal at an affordable price with a guarantee you can count on

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A majority of bee swarms that land in trees do not need to be removed or relocated. Tampering with the swarm will cause the bees unnecessary stress and may inadvertently cause the bees to stick around longer or to split up and cause confusion making a problem where there shouldn't have been one.

The tree has become a hotel for the bees to stay in while they are migrating to look for a new home. The swarm will stop and gather around the queen forming a large mass of bees that will look like a ball and is often mistaken for an active beehive. The bees will then rest up and send out scout bees to search for food and water and a possible new place to call home. Normally a swarm will not stick around longer than 72 hours depending on the weather. Most bee swarms will only hang out for a few hours and be on their way. 


Leave The Bee Swarms Alone

Honeybee swarms have a completely different temperament than an established bee colony. If you have just noticed a bee swarm on a tree branch, bush or shrub around your house. 90% of the time they are just resting up and will be moving along shortly.

Swarm in a little tree resting up
Newly arrived bee swarm in a small tree resting up for a bit

They are just on their way to find a new home and need some time and rest to do so. Bee swarms in Arizona are not the same as the swarms in the Mid-West and Far Eastern states in the U.S., bees travel a lot further when migrating in Arizona compared to some of the Eastern states.

When Do Bees Swarm In Phoenix

Bees start sending out swarms in Phoenix around the beginning of March and continue thru November. The heaviest times are normally March thru June depending on the weather in central Arizona.

Are Bee Swarms Dangerous

Swarms, for the most part, are not aggressive when left alone. A majority of the time it is not necessary to have a swarm removed or killed. Simply leaving them alone and letting them do their thing will save not only the bees but save you some money as well.

Scare Tactics and Fear Mongering

Companies like to take advantage of the swarming season and like to use fear to crank up their prices. The most common practice is simply to say they are Africanized and they will attack anyone and everyone around. That is simply not true of all migrating bee swarms in Arizona. There is no way to tell with the naked eye whether or not bees are Africanized or European or a hybrid and to what extent. The aggressive behavior is the only clear indicator to whether or not a feral hive is Africanized or not. This is why all feral bee colonies should be treated the same in regards to safety and should only be handled by a professional to make sure everyone stays safe.

Established Bee Colonies vs. Migrating Bee Swarms

We've all seen the stories in the media about someone being attacked by a swarm of bees. This causes a lot of confusion between migrating swarms and established bee colonies. These attacks happen when established bee colonies have been disturbed. Usually by someone who went off trail hiking or just someone doing yard work using power tools. The most common way is by people trying to treat the bees themselves. Migrating bee swarms are not as dangerous as they are made out to be by the media with their fear-inducing stories. Just stay calm and call us and get some information from a professional about your situation.

Bee swarm hanging from a tree
Bee swarm hanging from a tree

Should I Have The Swarm Captured?

The short answer is no. Capturing and relocating a bee swarm will cause a lot of stress for the bees and most will not make the relocation alive. Letting the bees move on naturally will cause them the least amount of stress and ensure they have a safe journey to their new home.

What to expect if you have a honey bee swarm

When bees start to swarm they like to land in trees to rest up and wait for orders from the Queen on where and when to go. This often looks like a giant basketball size of bees which is quite often mistaken for an active hive. A honey bee swarm can consist of thousand's of bee's and be very intimidating when they arrive as well as when they leave. It all happens within minutes.

What should I do if I have a Swarm in my tree?

If possible leave them alone for 24 to 72 hours and they will fly away on their own. Keep an eye on your property to make sure they don't move into or on any structures. The Queen has just decided to rest up for a bit and your tree has become a motel for a few hours or even days. This does not mean that the bees will move into your home or even your neighbors home. If the bees decide to stay longer than 4 days they need be removed.

When should a bee swarm be removed?

If they land on the structure of your home and there is visible honeycomb then they do need to be treated or removed. If you have a swarm on your property and are concerned someone might antagonize the bees or that the bees might be a danger to the public then give us a call and we will talk you through your options to getting your problem resolved.

Save some bees and some money

Save yourself some money and save some bees at the same time. Don't be another victim to unnecessary pest control, outrageous prices and scare tactics. Pass on the message that not all bee swarms need to be removed and not all the bees in Arizona are Africanized or "killer bees". honeybee

Professional Flat Rate Bee Removal & Control

Bees on a fir hydrant

What is Flat Rate Bee Control?

Flat rate bee removal and control with a service guarantee. This includes the treatment or removal of a single bee swarm or hive with a 30-day guarantee. After the service, our skilled technician will then give their professional advice as to what should be done next. If Honeycomb removal and repair is necessary we will give you a free estimate as to the cost of the honeycomb cut-out and repair. Flat rate bee removal service is offered for everything from bees in eaves of homes, valve boxes, sheds, walls, roofs, columns, and a lot more. 

Swarm on light fixture
Swarm hanging out on light fixture

All of our service technicians are licensed and certified in the state of Arizona. We also ensure that they are well trained and only use the safest products in pest control and bee removal available today. This combined with the approach and techniques we use enable us to offer our bee removal service at such a low rate.


No Commission Based Sales 

None of our technicians work on commission so there is no reason for inflated pricing. We hold contracts with everything from schools, churches, stores, and cities for bees removal and pest control service. You won't hear any goofy scare tactics or strong a sales pitch. We depend on a strong customer base for referrals and take pride in the work we provide. 

What is included in the flat rate bee removal?

  • Treatment or removal of a single feral hive
  • Free inspection of property for other potential problems
  • Environmentally friendly products and service
  • Trained bee removal technician on every job
  • Free no obligation estimate for honeycomb removal or sealing (if needed)
  • 30-day service guarantee


Bee entering AC conduit
Bees entering AC conduit to get into the wall to nest under the bathtub

Our main concern is keeping you and your family, customers, neighbors, and tenants safe while providing a clean efficient service.

What to Expect with our Flat Rate Bee Removal Service

  • Professional advice and service from trained technicians
  • Piece of mind in knowing the service was done right the first time
  • Flexible Scheduling that works around our customers
  • Valleywide 24/7 lightning fast service
  • Multiple payment options
  • Licensed and insured also certified by the State of Arizona
Honeycomb Removal Service

Professional honeycomb removal and repair service from start to finish we do it all!

Damage and safety hazards from bees and honey

Once honey bees in Arizona have established themselves on your property. Honeycomb removal becomes necessary to prevent property damage as well as robber bees returning to the area due to pheromones and honey left from the previous colony.

Honey left in an attic space or wall of a home can cause a lot of damage and also become a health and fire hazard. During the hot Arizona summer months where temps exceed 100 degrees in Phoenix. Honey melts and flows like water and can cause serious damage to your property.

Mold from the decaying bees and honey can become a health hazard and also bring in other unwanted pests such as cockroaches, ants, mice, and rats to name a few. Other colonies of bees will also be drawn to the pheromones left behind by the bees and honeycomb and move back into the area and this will become a reoccurring problem.

What is included in our honeycomb removal service

Not only do we provide the honeycomb removal service but repairing and sealing off the infested area is included in the price. Along with a 3-year warranty on the area serviced. We will fill in the void preventing the bees from ever gaining access again.

We always recommend having the honeycomb removed as well as the dead bees. If the honey and bees are left in the problem area you will have a continuous problem with bees a couple times a year. Feel free to give us a call and get a free quote over the phone for your honeycomb removal service. From start to finish Phoenix Bee removal is here to help with all honeybee and honeycomb issues you may encounter.

Steps for honeycomb cutout and removal:

  • Inspect and locate the exact position of the honeycomb
  • Demo and cut open up the area which the beehive is located
  • Remove all bees and debris from the area
  • Scrape out all honeycomb and/or melted honey from the cavity
  • Sanitize and mask off the infested area to cover any pheromones the bees may have left
  • Fill the void and seal off any and all entry points the bees were using to gain access to the area
  • Repair the area which we gained access to the hive (roof, stucco, drywall, etc.)
  • Seal off from the outside
  • Replace any items moved to complete the honeycomb removal
  • All honeycomb cutouts come backed with a 3-year warranty 

Bee Removal, Control, and Relocation Services

Phoenix Bee Removal LLC

We Provide Professional Flat Rate Bee and Honeycomb Removal Services

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What We Offer

We are well trained and highly experienced in the treatment and removal of all varieties of bees, wasps, hornets and other stinging insects. We are also licensed by the State of Arizona to find a safe and effective solution to all of your bee, wasp and honeycomb removal problems. Every service Phoenix Bee Removal provides comes with a professional service guarantee that you can depend on. Every job we perform is unique and we have to approach each one in a safe and responsible manner. Honey bees can become dangerous very fast and we will do everything we can to make sure everyone stays safe and the problem is handled safely and effectively.

Our overall goal is to relocate and release feral honey bee colonies. To give them a chance to thrive outside of the city safely away from people and homes. Sometimes, however, this is not possible due to safety concerns and bee extermination is necessary.   

Phoenix Bee Removal will give you the information and education needed to keep you and your loved ones safe. We cover bee removal from Surprise, Peoria, Glendale, and Sun City all the way to Scottsdale, Mesa, Chandler, Gold Canyon and everything in between including Queen Creek and San Tan Valley.

Bee Removal from South Mountain

The quality of work is what this company was built on and we depend on customer referrals. You are not just another number to us and we prove this with the quality of work we do. We will be upfront and honest with you over the phone and in most cases, a service isn't even necessary. A short phone consultation on bees can go a long way for us, our customers, and the bees. Our aim is to keep people educated and keep honey bees safe whenever possible. Human safety always comes before bees and with a lot of close quarter living around the valley and a live removal is not always a viable option. A good amount of calls we get are simply a short bee education/consultation.

At Phoenix Bee Removal we don't mind letting people know if they just have scout bees or that a swarm in a tree will leave within a few days. A high percentage of calls we get in the spring and early summer months is for migrating bee swarms in trees. These swarms will leave with a day or two and have no intention of attacking anyone or anything. They are simply migrating looking for a new place to call home. You can read more about swarms and the habits of migrating bees in Arizona on our Why Do Bees Swarm? and Honey Bee Spring Activity pages. 

Who We Are

Phoenix Bee Removal is locally owned and operated and is the industries leading bee and honeycomb removal company in the Phoenix Metro Area. We provide a quality bee and honeycomb removal service that is fast, safe, and effective. Plus all of our work guaranteed.

Our goal is to not only provide quality service but to also educate people about feral bee colonies and swarms in Arizona. We are here to provide you the answers to any questions you have about feral bee swarms and colonies on your property. 

Phoenix Bee Removal LLC. has been in the bee business for over a decade providing quality bee removal and honeycomb/beehive cutouts and repairs. The owners do all the honeycomb cutouts and repairs. We do not sub out any work, we take care of the problem from start to finish to ensure the job is done properly. We specialize in removing and cleaning honeycomb out of roofs and stucco walls.

Our Bee Removal Techniques and Products

With the latest technology and bee control products and techniques. We ensure a safe and effective service each and every time to keep you and your loved ones safe and worry-free. Depending on the problem and what the bees are getting into. After the bees are treated or have been removed the honeycomb will need to be cut out as well. Also, the area will need to be sealed up properly to keep other feral bee colonies out in the future. Phoenix Bee Removal is equipped with all the latest and greatest in tools and years of experience and knowledge in bee and honeycomb removal and repair.

The jobs we encounter are all unique and must be treated in a specific manner to keep everyone and everything safe. When you hire a bee removal company you will need a company who is always prepared for any situation that may pop up. Honey bees are always surprising us in what the pick to call a home and every year brings new challenges adding to our arsenal of bee removal and control techniques we have. 

Honey bees in Arizona have a real knack for choosing the absolute worst places (best for them) to safely provide treatments or relocations. This can become tricky and also unsafe and lead to unnecessary injuries if not approached in the appropriate manner. That is why experience and proper tools and equipment are very important to safely and effectively handling honey bees. 

Honeycomb removal and repair service

After the Bee Control Service

After the treatment, or removal of the bees. Our skilled technicians will give you their recommendations on what needs to be done. We will always recommend removing the honeycomb if deemed necessary. This will prevent any property damage from melting honey as well as prevent a reoccurring problem. Honey left in walls or attics can cause extreme damage to a home. Also, mold can become a huge problem once honey makes it way into the cracks and crevices of drywall and siding products. Honey melted inside of a home can also attract all types of pests from roaches to ants and also another colony of bees looking for a new home.

Safety Is A Major Factor

All the products we use are environmentally friendly and we make sure they are used in a safe and proper manner. An established feral beehive/colony can be dangerous and can quickly get out of hand. Every year we have someone getting hurt improperly treating bees or wasps. A licensed and trained technician is very important for safe bee removal and control. Our technicians will implement safe elimination, removal, extraction techniques to keep you and your family, neighbors, pets, and property safe. 

Every Service Is Guaranteed

Customer satisfaction is our main priority, it's what this company was built on. We will work hard to find a solution to your honey bee problem and always try to exceed in customer service and satisfaction.

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