Professional Flat Rate Bee Removal & Control

Bees on a fir hydrant

What is Flat Rate Bee Control?

Flat rate bee removal and control with a service guarantee. This includes the treatment or removal of a single bee swarm or hive with a 30-day guarantee. After the service, our skilled technician will then give their professional advice as to what should be done next. If Honeycomb removal and repair is necessary we will give you a free estimate as to the cost of the honeycomb cut-out and repair. Flat rate bee removal service is offered for everything from bees in eaves of homes, valve boxes, sheds, walls, roofs, columns, and a lot more. 

Swarm on light fixture
Swarm hanging out on light fixture

All of our service technicians are licensed and certified in the state of Arizona. We also ensure that they are well trained and only use the safest products in pest control and bee removal available today. This combined with the approach and techniques we use enable us to offer our bee removal service at such a low rate.


No Commission Based Sales 

None of our technicians work on commission so there is no reason for inflated pricing. We hold contracts with everything from schools, churches, stores, and cities for bees removal and pest control service. You won't hear any goofy scare tactics or strong a sales pitch. We depend on a strong customer base for referrals and take pride in the work we provide. 

What is included in the flat rate bee removal?

  • Treatment or removal of a single feral hive
  • Free inspection of property for other potential problems
  • Environmentally friendly products and service
  • Trained bee removal technician on every job
  • Free no obligation estimate for honeycomb removal or sealing (if needed)
  • 30-day service guarantee


Bee entering AC conduit
Bees entering AC conduit to get into the wall to nest under the bathtub

Our main concern is keeping you and your family, customers, neighbors, and tenants safe while providing a clean efficient service.

What to Expect with our Flat Rate Bee Removal Service

  • Professional advice and service from trained technicians
  • Piece of mind in knowing the service was done right the first time
  • Flexible Scheduling that works around our customers
  • Valleywide 24/7 lightning fast service
  • Multiple payment options
  • Licensed and insured also certified by the State of Arizona
Bee Removal
New arrivals, swarms, established hives, and more!!

Honeycomb Cut-out
Honeycomb cut-out and repair. We do it all from start to finish no 3rd parties or subbing out work.

Swarm Removal
Have a swarm on a tree? Leave them alone and they will fly away.

Africanized Bees
Africanized bee removal can be extremely dangerous and should be handled by professionals.

All Work Guaranteed
Convenient Payment Options
Flexible Scheduling
Quick Response Time
Valley Wide Service