Wasp Removal in Phoenix, Arizona

Bees aren't the only flying insect that can become a nuisance around your property. Wasp also can become a huge issue if you let it get out of control.   

We offer the same flat rate for wasp removal as we do for bees. 

Please give us a call so we can set-up an appointment and get your wasp problem taken care of safe and efficiently. 

Bee Removal
New arrivals, swarms, established hives, and more!!

Honeycomb Cut-out
Honeycomb cut-out and repair. We do it all from start to finish no 3rd parties or subbing out work.

Swarm Removal
Have a swarm on a tree? Leave them alone and they will fly away.

Africanized Bees
Africanized bee removal can be extremely dangerous and should be handled by professionals.

All Work Guaranteed
Convenient Payment Options
Flexible Scheduling
Quick Response Time
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